To begin a successful bonding process with us, the amount of information that we ask for depends on the type and amount of work you’re doing. The programs we offer below allow us and our contractors flexibility when bidding jobs. Apply and get approved for a contract bonding program today! – Click HERE to download our new brochure!

Contract (Construction) Bonds

Construction bond is a type of surety bond used by investors in construction projects to protect against disruptions or financial loss due to a contractor’s failure to complete the project or to meet contract specifications.

A construction bond is also called a construction surety bond or a contract bond.


Types include:

Bid bond: This bond is necessary to the competitive process bidding. Each contending contractor has to submit a bid bond along with their bids to protect the project owner in the event that a contractor backs out of the contract after winning the bid or fails to provide a performance bid, which is required to start working on the project.


Performance bond: A bid bond is replaced by a performance bond when a contractor accepts a bid and proceeds to work on the project. The performance bond protects the owner from financial loss if the contractor’s work is subpar, defective, and not in accordance with the terms and conditions laid out in the agreed contract.


Payment bond: This bond, also called a labor and material payment bond, is a guarantee that the winning contractor has the financial means to compensate his or her workers, subcontractors, and suppliers of materials.
World Wide Bonding Agency’s Unlimited Contract Bonding Program is for contractors that decide they want to expand their businesses. The credit based/Next Step contract bond programs that we provide can only take contractors so far with their bonding needs. To exceed those smaller limits, our Unlimited Bonding Program will allow contractors the ability to increase their single and aggregate bond limits.  It will allow for a reduced bonding rate and provide more surety credit for a total program.  This gives contractors the ability to graduate to the highest level – broadening their ability to bid larger work and take on more work overall.  World Wide Bonding Agency steers the wheel for you, getting involved with your banker and your CPA.  We are one team with one common goal, to grow your business.  World Wide Bonding Agency makes it simple working toward that overall objective – your growth and your success!

To begin a full submission, please download, fill out and submit the following documents to

• Contractor Questionnaire
• Work-On-Hand Schedule
• Bank Reference Letter
• Personal Financial Statement For All Owners
• CPA Year-End Financial Statements (2) Years – (This includes a balance sheet, profit & loss statement, and an accounts receivable (AR) Aging report) (Make sure these are completed on an accrual basis and NOT a cash basis)

Once, all information is completed/submitted and a contract bond program is established for you, please refer to the our Contract Bond Request Process page for instructions on how to submit bond requests.

New and Exclusive! Only agency appointed with this special offer throughout Western/Central New York!

Thinking about graduating out of credit driven surety programs? Not sure if your business is qualified for the traditional standard surety market approach that includes lengthy and detailed underwriting information? World Wide Bonding Agency’s new and exclusive Next Step application process helps bridge that gap with a $1,000,000 single / $1,000,000 aggregate (bonded only) small contract bond program. All that is required is a completed contractor questionnaire, a current business tax return, a compilation or in-house financial statement, a personal financial statement for all owners, and bank reference letter. SAVE TIME AND MONEY – NO CPA REVIEWED FINANCIAL STATEMENT REQUIRED!

To begin a full submission, please download, fill out and submit the following documents to

Next Step Application
Personal Financial Statement of All Owners
Bank Reference Letter
• Current Business Tax Return
• Compilation or in-house financial statement (This includes a balance sheet, profit & loss statement, and an accounts receivable (AR) Aging report) (Make sure these are completed on an accrual basis and NOT a cash basis)

$750,000 single job / $750,000 aggregate

Designed for contractors who have occasional bond needs or are in need of their first bond, the underwriting of our Fast Bond 750 program is primarily credit based. This allows for quick processing of the bond with little underwriting information. It also targets fast turn projects for all construction trades, so long term obligations such as service contracts cannot be handled in the program.

If the contracted project is slightly over $750k, don’t let that send you looking somewhere else. Just give us a call! With selected additional underwriting information, we will do our best to fulfill your needs within Fast Bond 750 parameters. We want your business and will try to make it happen for you!

As your construction firm grows, the Fast Bond 750 program can grow with you! We are ready and willing to advise you on the steps necessary to graduate to the next level. We take a consultative approach and are eager to walk you through the basics of what is needed to qualify for a standard bond program!

To begin a full submission, please download, fill out and submit the following document to

Fast Bond 750 Application
(For Bonded Programs Exceeding $250,000 up to $750,000 ALSO include the information below)
Personal Financial Statement of All Owners
• Latest fiscal year end Compilation or in-house financial statement (This includes a balance sheet, profit & loss statement, and an accounts receivable (AR) Aging report) (Make sure these are completed on an accrual basis and NOT a cash basis)If more than 6 months old, also include the current interim financial statement.
• Certificate of Insurance

$500,000 and under single job

Travelers Bond Program has assigned to our agency a dedicated team of underwriters and claim representatives, who are relationship driven to understand our customers’ time sensitive and unique needs. We offer a streamlined and customer-focused approach to centralized underwriting and servicing of transactional surety bond business. Bond Express is the answer and market of choice for high volume, low risk commercial surety bonds.

To begin a full submission, please download, fill out and submit the following documents to

Traveler’s Application
Travelers Indemnity Agreement
Personal Financial Statement

Designed to meet the needs of contractors needing smaller bonds. We emphasize service with common-sense, streamlined underwriting (primarily credit based). This program’s limits are $400,000 single job with a bonded aggregate of $800,000. These limits can increase depending on the nature of the project. Also, established accounts that show good credit scores can stretch to $450,000 / $500,000 single job limit with requested financials. If you are not signed up with our Fast Track Bond Program, you must first complete the application (with owner/spousal indemnity signature) for pre-qualification. We welcome the opportunity to get started.

To begin a full submission, please fill out the form below and we’ll get right back to you!



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Since 1997, Ontario Specialty Contracting has had a continued business relationship with World Wide Bonding Agency. As a specialty contracting company with a heavy bidding schedule, we have depended on World Wide Bonding Agency countless times to not only come through with specialized bonding for government as well as private sector projects…
Jon Williams
Atlas Painting and Sheeting Corp. has been utilizing World Wide Bonding Agency for the past five years for our highly specialized Performance/Payment bonds. With our intense bidding schedule of 75-100 jobs per year and jobs spanning multiple states, the entire staff at World Wide Bonding Agency always comes through in meeting our needs in a professional and timely manner.
James Frangos
Just wanted to extend our appreciation to you and your staff’s efforts for the past 25 + years. As you know we have a significant need for bonding in our line of business. We deal with many municipalities throughout the WNY area and in most cases bonding is a requirement. Our bonding needs for our Canadian operations and our out of state interests have always been met very effectively.
Dave Kyser
J McBain Electric has been a client of World Wide Bonding Agency since 2002. They have always met and exceeded all of our bonding needs. The staff is incredible and always readily available, supportive & responsive to all of our requirements. Our company has never missed an opportunity to bid on a project even with extremely short notice. They always meet our deadlines and cost needs.
Jackie McBain
I have known World Wide Bonding Agency and Gary Cardinale for close to 20 years. I found that working with his agency provided my clients with the best Surety options available. They are always willing to take the time to understand the risk and recommend the best Surety program. They have been able to help several contractors grow their business by giving them the capacity to work on projects that were not available to them in the past. My suggestion is if you are looking to learn or expand your business, then take the time to reach out to them. Gary, Joe, Wendy, Danielle, and Danny are all very knowledgeable, helpful and responsive.
Carl N Maranto Jr, CIC
World Wide Bonding Agency’s ownership and staff go to the mat to meet your bonding needs and aspirations while still keeping you informed of reality throughout the process. We’ve worked with World Wide Bonding Agency for many years now, and Gary and his crew always do work in our best interest. Their work and consultation is invaluable for our company. They work like a Swiss Watch logistically and administratively. Very organized business.
Peter Bouris
Excellent Staff! Great Company to work with!
Gabriella Ashby-Brunner