City of New York Car Wash Surety Bond

Car wash owners in the city need to comply with the requirements for licensing and conducting business set out in the Car Wash Accountability Act.

If the bonded car wash owner violates the law, a claim can be made against his bond, and the surety may pay compensation to claimants up to the full amount of the bond. In return, the car wash owner must repay the surety for any compensation it extends.

Car wash owners can influence the rate at which they get bonded. The most important cost factor is personal credit score: the higher the score, the lower the rate. By improving their credit, owners can improve their bond rate.

Sureties also take into account factors such as financial statements, personal assets and liquidity, so even if owners don’t have perfect scores, there may be ways for them to lower their bond rates.

Bond Amount – $150,000
Cost of Bond – Starts at $1,500

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